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Cyber Trust Alliance and the CEBA Risk Management platform provide cost effective robust HIPAA Compliance.

CEBA combines

  • Comprehensive Virtual TelAssessment –
    • saves time and money
    • allows for assessment of remote offices and remote worker environments
    • maintains the integrity of the assessment
  • Documentation of all compliance data in one place
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based recommendations and accountability


Your partnership with CEBA includes an annual risk assessment utilizing our proprietary Virtual Tel Assessment methodology to provide evidence of your hard work and alert you to compliance gaps.


CEBA tracks and provides you with immediate feedback as you complete remediation tasks and improve your compliance position. CEBA will even write missing policies for you!


CEBA allows you to assign tasks, stay accountable, and understand at a glance where you need to focus for the most impact.


CEBA trains you and your employees and tracks and reports on your accomplishments.


When it comes to compliance, if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. CEBA helps you “get caught doing the right things” by documenting all your work and tracking progress as evidence of your due diligence.

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